Sushi Containers
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Sushi Rice Containers
56912W Woodgrain, 12 qt.
56912S Stainless Steel, 12 qt
56913W Woodgrain, 18 qt.
56913S Stainless Steel, 18 qt.
A Rice holder for the Sushi Chef
An essential sushi utensil. Sushi rice, specific for this application, is cooked and allowed to cure in a rice cooker. After curing, it is removed from the rice cooker and cooled. The rice is seasoned with vinegar, salt and sugar. After seasoning, the rice is transferred into this container. The Sushi Rice Container is commonly seen at the sushi counter or wherever sushi is prepared. It keeps the rice at the proper consistency for sushi. The chef removes the cover and reaches in for just the right amount of rice. Working the rice with his hands, he will form the perfect log for sushi. A sushi rolling mat may also be used to create the various kinds of sushi rolls served in traditional Japanese or “fusion” restaurants.
Product Description  
A sushi container is an unheated storage container used to keep seasoned, cooked sushi rice for the preparation of sushi. All units have an insulated body. The interior liner is stainless steel with rounded corners for easy cleaning. Exterior base is black plastic. Your choice of woodgrain or stainless steel exterior finishes. Lid has a stainless steel exterior and plastic interior.

Rice is kept at the proper consistency for sushi preparation. NSF listed.
Cap (qts)
interior d x h
exterior d* x h
carton size
net wt
ship wt
stainless steel
12 1/4" x 7 1/2"
15" x 11"
17" x 17"
x 15 " high
10 lb
16 lb
stainless steel
12 1/4" x 10 1/8"
15" x 13 1/2"
17" x 17"
x 17" high
11 lb
17 lb
*for overall diameter with handles, add 3½”
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Sushi Mat
An absolute nessecity in any sushi or Japanese restaurant! Used make perfect sushi rolls. Easy to clean and reusable.
9 1/2" x 9 1/2" natural
1 ea
1/3 lb
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