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36615 Stainless Steel Dim Sum Cart
The authentic cart of Hong Kong’s tea restaurants accommodates multiple levels of 4 1/2” or 5 1/2” individual dim sum steamers; data below. Steamers containing prepared dim sum items are kept at serving temperature as a server brings the cart to the dining room.

The Dim Sum Cart has a hot waterbath steamtank heated by canned heat or alcohol. Two fuel containers (as used under chafers) are placed in provided receptacles on a shelf 3 1/2” below the steamtank. A 3/4” IPS ball type drain valve is provided. Access is through removable panels on the front of the unit. Steamers are placed on the 1/8” thick aluminum perforated plate located 2 1/2” above the bottom of the steamtank. Handle has chrome brackets and tubular stainless steel push rail. Stainless steel tank is welded seamless on top and insulated from the body by a 1” air space all around. Body is stainless steel with removable access panels and decorative ventilating perforations. Includes casters with rubber tires on steel wheels and large ball bearings.
heat source:
two containers ‡
4 1/2"    5 1/2"
New Wt
36615 Dim Sum Cart
alcohol/canned heat
17”w x 30”l x 34”h
69 lb
Arrangement of dim sum steamers
36504 4 1/2” s/s dim sum steamers: 15 per level, maximum 5 levels; 36604 4 1/2” cover: 5 required
36505 5 1/2” s/s dim sum steamers: 11 per level, maximum 3 levels; 36605 5 1/2” cover: 3 required
steamer compt
carton size
cu. ft.
ship wt
drain valve
15” x 25” x 6 1/2”
20” x 36” x 38”
115 lb
ball 3/4"
*for overall length including handle, add 2 3/4”
‡ not provided
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