Selection Guide & Specifications
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Equipment Start Up
Start Up by an authorized gas agency is optional. We will arrange a gas technician from a local service company to visit your installation. This person will light the burners and check for proper operation and installation. Cost varies with location and the number of pieces involved.
Cooking Demonstration
We offer on site cooking education by professional chefs who are trained in the use of our equipment. A chef will travel to the installation and teach others how to use equipment. We will share cooking techniques and recipes. This optional service is charged per day plus expenses.
  Each unit shall have (number) of chambers (specify size of each) with any burner (specify). Top is 3/16” mild steel with a black epoxy finish fitted with front water sprinkler and rear gutter or optional front gutter with waterfall backsplash. Gutter drains to sink in body with removable perforated stainless steel basket accessible from front of unit. One chamber York and MasteRRange units have the sink in the gutter. Backsplash and front serving shelf are 16 gauge stainless steel. Wok cover rack and endsplashes are 18 gauge stainless steel. YF & MF units have a flue opening in the chamber vented by an air cooled, rust resistant flue riser terminating in a stainless steel extension chimney through a stainless steel return splash. Y & M units have no flue riser and vent at the chamber ring. Gas valve shall be large, knee operated type. Faucets shall be automatic and fed from a copper manifold at rear behind backsplash. Range body front is 20 gauge stainless steel with 14 ga. black body ends or optional stainless steel ends (specify). Fire chamber insulation has fiber ceramic for York and Express; MasteRRange has refractory brick. Insulation for all models is within steel liners. A galvanized drip tray is suspended below each chamber. Legs are 1 5/8” O.D. stainless steel.  
  Limited Warranty  
  Town warrants all ranges and smokehouses free from defects of workmanship or material for one (1) year from invoice date with the exception of safety pilot systems which are covered by a 90 day warranty. Safety pilot systems installed without drip legs are not covered by this warranty. Defective parts returned prepaid will be repaired or replaced subject to our inspection and returned freight collect. Mishandling or abuse of equipment or components is not covered by this warranty and repairs or replacement will be made at a nominal charge. Labor costs to return or replace parts in this equipment are the responsibility of the purchaser, as are proper installation and adjustments.  
  Parts Identification  
  Parts Identification  
  Btu at a glance:  
Btu, nat
Btu, propane
Two Ring
Three Ring‡
23 Tip Jet
32 Tip Jet‡
18 Tip Vertical Shield
18 Tip Angle Shield‡
16 Tip Volcano
9 Tip No-Clog
12 Tip No-Clog
warming chamber
*order burner by part number(page 3) ‡ chambers 16” and larger
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