Steamer & Noodle Steamer Ranges
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Steamer Range and Cabinet
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A two compartment steamer, each compartment is 12” high with two removable perforated shelves, is mounted on a 14 gauge stainless water tank with burner deflectors. Cabinet is fully welded. Doors are double wall insulated with stainless steel hinges and positive latching hardware. Filler, overflow and drain included. Stainless steel construction.

Range is YF-1-SS with rectangular chamber, 32 tip Jet Burner, safety control, stainless deck, manual fill faucet, and 1 1/2” drain at rear. This unit is for steaming whole fish, tureens of soup and other dishes.

Range size: 36” w x 41” d x 32” working height
Steamer cabinet sizes: 21” w x 32” d x 31” h
Steamer shelf size: 14” x 22”
1 1/4” gas, 100,000 Btu, left rear, 17” up
1/2” cold water, right rear, 19” up
2 compartment steamer
600 lb
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Cheung Fun Noodle Range
Removable perforated aluminum steaming plates with stainless steel domed covers are mounted in a frame over a 14 gauge stainless water tank with cast iron burner deflectors. Tank fill faucet is provided.

Rectangular chamber is heated by a two ring burner for each section. Burner safety controls, stainless deck, and manual fill faucet are standard.

one sect: 24” w x 43” d x 32” working ht
two sect: 40” w x 43” d x 32” working ht
Steaming plate size: 17” x 26”
Steaming area: 13 1/2” x 19”
1 1/4” gas, left rear, 19” up
1/2” cold water, left rear, 21” up
1 sect. Cheung Fun steamer
400 lb
2 sect. Cheung Fun steamer
650 lb
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