Dim Sum Cart

The authentic cart of Hong Kong’s tea restaurants, Town’s Dim Sum Cart accommodates multiple levels of 4½ ” or 5½ ” individual dim sum steamers. Steamers containing prepared dim sum items are kept at serving temperature as a server navigates the cart through the dining room.

The Dim Sum Cart has a hot water bath steam tank heated by canned heat. 3 fuel containers (used as under chafers) are placed in provided receptacles on a shelf below the steam tank. A ¾ ” NPT ball type drain valve is provided for draining and cleaning. Access is through removable panels on either side of the unit. Steamers are placed on a stainless steel perforated plate located 3” above the bottom of the steam tank. Handle has chrome brackets and tubular stainless steel push rail. Stainless steel tank is seamlessly welded on top and insulated from the body by a 1” air space all around. Body is food service grade 304 stainless steel with removable access panels and decorative ventilating perforations. Includes casters with rubber tires on steel wheels and large ball bearings.

Weight 69 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 30.5 × 35 in
Additional Information
UPC: 843784000220
Country of Origin: CHINA

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