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Hi, I’m Mitch Kaufman, National Sales Manager at Town Food Service, in Brooklyn, NY. Today, I would like to introduce the Town RiceMaster Electric Rice Cookers.

rice cookers, reimagined

Our engineers reinvented the entire on/off selection to the rice cookers., with a two-touch pad in the front. You press on, you press cook and the rice will automatically go to hold in about 30-46 minutes, depending on the model

12-hour cook-and-hold model

This model is the cook-and-hold model, with the same exact American technology. This cook-and-hold model will hold your rice for about 12 hours. The reason being is there’s heat on the bottom, as well as heat underneath the hinged lid, which helps the integrity of the rice last that long.

Another detail our engineers were looking for to help you in your kitchen, is that underneath the hinge is a condensation cup. It catches the condensed water so it doesn’t spill out on your food or your plate.

how to cook perfect rice

It’s always good practice to rinse the rice 5 times, to get prevent any starch or bubbling while the cooking is going on. You put your rice and water into the pot, press on, press cook and anywhere between 30-46 minutes, it will go to a hold mode. Once it goes to a hold mode, that doesn’t mean the rice is ready; it’s very al dente at that point. The rice needs 10-15 minutes to cure. Once it goes to hold, wait 15 minutes, and the rice will be perfect every time.


All of our rice cookers are quite appropriate for many different types of grain, including:

  • Short grain
  • Long grain
  • White rice
  • Texmati
  • Basmati
  • Sushi rice
  • Quinoa
  • Millet
  • Tapioca Pearls for Bubble Tea
  • And More!

Here’s a feature that our engineers have come up with, in case you need to steam in a pinch. You can use one of our Town steaming units. You put a little water in the pot, drop in one of these steamer units, and in a quick pinch, you can have dumplings, steamed vegetables, or anything else you might need in a pinch. You remove the unit, and you can go back to cooking rice. The units are versatile and efficient for your kitchen.


This is a nice accessory we have at Town Food. This is a rice napkin. It’s a perforated meshing you can line the pot with before you add the rice and the water. Remember, it’s very critical to have the right proportion of rice and water to the type of rice you’re using.

Once it goes to hold, you press cook and it goes to hold, remember to wait that 15 minutes, then you can to lift out the rice napkin, with the rice, and transfer it to the steam table or warmer. It makes it a lot easier to deal with, then you can start another batch once again.

We have two items in this category:

  • RICE NAPKIN – Cylinder shaped to fit the unit.
  • RICE NET – A flat, perforated netting used in the unit

Now, let’s discuss the care and the maintenance of the unit. Two things can arise that can either burn the rice, or not cook the rice properly.

# 1 – It’s the rice pot itself. You have to check for dents. You have to inspect it. Whether a dent is on the side and or the bottom, they will make your unit not sit properly, causing the rice to come out very compromised.

# 2 – Check the heater plates. This is the heater plate. It’s nice and shiny, and hopefully you can maintain it to look like this. If not, the plate can become scorched and burned. This will also make the rice compromised. The best way to clean this is to use dry steel wool, no water, and get it nice and shiny. Remember the center. That’s what’s reading the rice pot. After it’s clean and shiny, the unit will work trouble-free.


Town offers a 2-year mail-in warranty, which is longest in the industry. If you have any concerns about the unit, visit our website. All of our RiceMaster rice cookers are certified for use in the United States and Canada. Thank you for watching.