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Hi, I’m Mitch Kaufman, National Sales Manager at Town Food Service here in Brooklyn, NY. Today I am proud to present to you, the Town Masterrange Chinese Smokehouse.

The unit is simple and offers no complicated components. There is an analog thermostat and a large burner on the bottom of the unit with a water pan above. It comes with a safety pilot system that prevents dangerous gas buildup in the event of a pilot blowout. The unit also contains strategically placed drip shields that catch and vaporize the grease, enhancing the flavor of your food. If you like, there’s an optional chip box, that will add to the smoky flavor.

The units are certified for indoor commercial use in the United States and Canada, and Town offers a one-year limited warranty.


The Town MasterRange Chinese Smokehouse comes in three different widths, either 24” 30” or 36”. You have a choice if having the doors hinges either on the left-hand side or the right. It’s double-walled insulated, and the exterior can be either with stainless steel, or galvanized. They come in either natural gas or propane. They can also be converted in the field with the purchase of a couple of parts.

This particular model has a right-handed door hinge; it’s the 30-inch unit, and has a stainless steel exterior.


The only utility hookup is gas, but a nearby water source is needed. If using propane, and the unit is connected directly to a tank, a first stage line regulator is required. An appliance gas pressure regulator is preinstalled, within the unit, but a first stage line regulator is not included. Please consult with the licensed gas plumber installing the unit to source the first stage line regulator.

The unit is designed and listed for indoor commercial use, underneath a hood system. Each unit comes with a 6” flue, on the top. Any other venting related components must be obtained by an outside source.


The Town Chinese Smokehouse is quite versatile. Although primarily designed as an Asian pork roaster, the unit blends Asian and western cooking techniques, as well as appealing to many other types of cuisines. The unit comes with six skewers As you can see, I placed three here, and they can go on two different levels.

If you prefer to hang your food, on these very skewers, Town offers a large selection of hooks.

For applications requiring a rack system, Town offers a bundle. It’s an economical bundle that includes 9 racks, a chip box, a pair of rack guides that are factory-installed, as well as a chip box. Each one of the units holds up to 9 racks. Any of these accessories, as well as casters, can be purchased individually; but the bundle is a basic package that offers cost savings.


To begin cooking, place the water pan on top of the lower baffle plate, and fill it with water. Place the safety grate above the water pan. This prevents fallen food from splashing the end user.

Remember, it’s very critical to keep water in the water pan, at all times, as shown on the placard outside the door.

The water pan serves two purposes:

#1 – It prevents a grease fire, as all the drippings are funneled into the water pan, by way of the drip shields.

#2 – It creates and moist and steaming environment, as the unit roasts and smokes at the same time.


If the unit is being fired up for the first time after hooking up the gas, you’ll need to bleed air from the line.

With the thermostat turned all the way down, and the brass gas valve in the off position, hold the red pilot safety button for a couple of minutes.

While still holding the button, use a torch or long lighter to ignite the pilot. Once the pilot is lit, continue to hold the button for approximately 30 seconds, to heat up the thermocouple.

If you release the button, and the pilot goes out, light the pilot again and hold for another 30 seconds, before releasing. Once the pilot is lit and is holding, you can turn the gas valve to the on position. Turn the thermostat up to ignite the main burners. To quickly shut down the main burner, simply turn the main gas valve off.

The thermostat provides a rough temperature control between 150 and 550 degrees. Given the large cabinet, it’s normal to find some temperature variation throughout the unit. You may find it necessary to adjust the thermostat for the desired temperature, or rotate the product inside.


As an option, chip boxes are available. This is a rectangular metal box, that’s perforated, and has metal flaps, so you can easily handle it, and place it into the smokehouse.

If you need to smoke or cook at a low temperature, the chip box needs to be ignited in one of two ways.

The first way, is to fire up the unit and set the thermostat to 350 degrees, with no food, and get the chips ignited; then, turn the thermostat down to the desired temperature.

The second way, is to set the unit at the desired temperature, and light the chip box externally. Ignite the chips with a lighter, or a piece of charcoal, then place the chip box inside. The chip box will give 30-90 minutes of smoke time, depending on the model size. If you prefer a longer smoke time, you might consider purchasing an extra chip box, so you can rotate them in and out.

You can use large chips, or small chips, and you can soak the chips, if you wish, to create a smolder; but, please, don’t use pellets. Lots of people like to use pellets in the smokehouses, but it’s not recommended for the Town MasterRange Chinese Smoker.


It is always good practice to empty and clean the water pan, when done, and start with fresh water for your next cook cycle.

Natural, non-toxic cleaners (such as citrus or vinegar-based) must be used to clean interior surfaces.

Clean and degrease the cabinet, the combustion chamber and all utensils. Remember, grease buildup can be dangerous; it can cause a grease fire.

Whether you’re doing barbecue, roasts, fish, fowl, jerky, cheese or sausage, chances are, the Town MasterRange Chinese Smokehouse will be a great fit for your menu.

For more information, visit our website. If you’d like to discuss your individual needs, we’d be happy to speak to you, just give us a call.