13″ Mandarin Stockpot Wok Range

Small, yet capable. Our stock pot range utilizes Town’s heavy-duty stock pot stove body, coupled with a high power jet burner. to offer true Asian cooking, in minimal space, and without the need for water cooling.

Town’s 23 tip jet burner is supplied with this one hole wok. Other burner choices are available. This stock pot range comes standard with a rear gas connection, pressure regulator and a stainless steel drip tray. Town Food stockpot ranges are mounted on tubular stainless steel legs, with stainless steel gussets and adjustable feet.

Also known as a candy stove, these workhorses can be used in many different functions. Soup stockpot ranges can also be converted into one chamber wok stations for cooking.

Standard Specs
Height 25″
Length/Width 18″
Depth 23″
Crated Weight 200 lbs
Available Models
Model Type Gas Load 
SR-24-M-SS-N 13″ Mandarin SR wok stock pot range, natural gas 90 MBTUH
SR-24-M-SS-P 13″ Mandarin SR wok stock pot range, propane gas 92 MBTUH

Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

13" Chamber

Heavy duty 3/16″ thick steel wok top with integrated serving shelf.  Its 13″ diameter top accommodates 14″-16″ woks. Shown with a 16″ Mandarin wok.

Powerful Burner

Features Town’s powerful 23 jet tip burner and boasts either 90 MBTUH of power for natural gas and 92 MBTUH for propane gas. Can be fitted with other Town burners.


Solid brass gas valve with precision molded cast aluminum handle lasts longer than plastic and stay tight and secure after prolonged usage.


The fastener-less all 304 stainless steel exterior features an integrated 304 stainless steel drip pan that makes cleanup simple and easy. The fully-enclosed body features an integrated heat shield that keeps the unit running cooler.


Town’s exclusive mushroom pilot resists clogs and requires less maintenance.


Cook with a wok or switch to a stock pot in a flash. Replace the steel wok top with Town’s SR24G grate top (#250212) to convert the SR-24-M to an SR-24-G for stockpot cooking. Or increase your wok size by replacing it with our SR-24-C wok top (#250213). No tools required! 

Safety Pilot System

Add a safety pilot system (#250180) to meet local code, or for increased peace of mind.

Custom Height

Mounted on tubular stainless legs with adjustable feet. Order custom height legs (#250180) for further adjustment.


Add casters (#250510) for increased mobility. Cross-bracing may be recommended. Special installation requirements for units on casters must be adhered to.

Ready to purchase?

Town sells its products through its network of authorized dealers. Our products may be found online and in brick and mortar stores worldwide. For more information on where to make a purchase, please contact us.
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Can the height of the unit be changed?

Yes, but cross bracing the legs may be recommended. Inquire with Town for more details.   

Can I place this unit on a countertop?

This is not recommended.  The high input burner may cause damage and it may be forbidden by local codes.  

What size woks can I use on these units?

  1. SR-24-M units will accommodate 14″ or 16″ woks.
  2. SR-24-C units will accommodate 18″ or 20″ woks.

Does it need a water connection? Is it water cooled?

This unit does not need a water connection and it is not water cooled.  For a wok range with water cooling capabilities, see our M-1-JR and E/M/Y series wok ranges. 

Does this unit come with a faucet?

It does not come with a faucet.  For a wok range with faucet, see our M-1-JR and E/M/Y series wok ranges. 

What is the lead time on this unit?

Lead time varies from 1-2 weeks based on shop load. Inquire with Town for a more accurate lead time.  Note that lead times will vary day to day. Expedited options may be available. 

Does this have to go under a hood?

Most local codes require this unit to be operated under a hood. 

Can this unit be used in a mobile food environment such as food trucks or catering vans?

This unit is rated and listed for static indoor use only.  Town’s 1 year limited warranty is void if used in any other manner.  However, it has been done with success.  We suggest you contact your local authorities for permissibility.  

Can the unit be mounted on casters?

An optional set of casters are available (# 250510) on our SR series ranges.  Additional caution must be exercised during usage. 

What is the product warranty?

Ranges come with Town’s 1 year limited warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I schedule a service call to repair a range?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

Field warranty service is only available for heavy equipment. If the issue is warranty related, Town will need to give approval before any work is done. Invoices for unapproved work will not be honored. Service is covered during normal business hours- Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM. If it is covered under warranty and parts are needed, we will ship the part to the end user free of charge. Town must be contacted so we can initiate the service call.

In instances of claims which we do not believe are covered, the end user or dealer must call in their own service company. If the service report indicates that it is covered under warranty, it will be reimbursed at the standard labor rate. This is at Town’s sole discretion.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

Does this unit come with a gas pressure regulator?

The range is supplied with the required appliance regulator.  Depending on the gas system, a first stage regulator may be required.  This scenario likely when using high pressure natural gas or propane gas in general.  Confirm with the licensed plumber installing the unit. 

Any inline devices and piping upstream of the range must be sized appropriately.  Improper gas systems will result in poor performance.