Thermostatic Water Boiler with Cup Platform

Simple and reliable with full range thermostatic control.

Our water boilers are made of durable stainless steel construction, with an adjustable thermostat (70° F – 212° F) allowing the selection of the proper water temperature for any hot beverage and for brewing different varieties of teas.  This simple, reliable unit provides a cost effective alternative to other products.  Complete with a power and hold light.  Town Food’s water boilers are covered by our 3 month limited warranty.

Standard Specs
Cord NEMA 5-15P  –  60″ long
Temperature Control Thermostatic / Automatic
Voltage 120
Hertz 60
Country of Origin China
Available Models
Model Type Amps Watts UPC
39308 8 Liter Thermostatic Water Boiler with Cup Platform  10 1200 843784004472
39310 10 Liter Thermostatic Water Boiler with Cup Platform 10 1200 843784004473
39318 18 Liter Thermostatic Water Boiler with Cup Platform 13 1550 843784004474



Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

Thermostatic Controls

Enjoy the convenience of temperature control range from 70° F – 212° F.  A roughly calibrated knob with internal thermostat maintains product at your desired temperature range while a green light alerts you when the set temperature has been reached.

Stainless Steel Construction

Features a sleek and durable stainless steel body, cover, spigot, and cup platform filter.

Cup Platform

The integrated yet removable platform catches spills.  The platform and filter can be removed for easy cleaning or if not needed.

Locking Cover with Vents

Twist the stainless steel lid to lock and unlock the cover.  Rear pointing vents in the cover help to direct steam away from users.


Grab the two wide, stay cool handles to easily transport the unit.

UL Certified

Internal control systems cut power in the unit if unsafe temperatures or voltage levels are detected. Restart use by hitting the easy access reset button underneath the unit.


Can warm a variety of products such as water, tea, cider, broth, mulling spices and more.

Optional Hands Free Handle

Put your customers at ease by transforming your water boiler into a hands free dispenser. A stainless steel attachment allows users to dispense liquids by pushing their cup against the attachment instead of grabbing a handle.  Cup platform cannot be used with the hands free handle attachment.

Ready to purchase?

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How is the electrical connection terminated?

393 series water boilers terminate with a NEMA 5-15 plug. They are 120V, single phase.

Can liquids other than water be kept warm?

It can warm a variety of products such as water, tea, cider, broth, mulling spices and more. Due to the high power heating element, caution must be exercised when heating products such as milk.

What are the warranty terms?

The 3 month limited mail in warranty applies for commercial use only.  See warranty page for more details.

Are repair parts available?

Some commonly needed parts needed for repair are available, including spigots and covers. See our resource center for parts lists.