The People of Town

David Soohoo

General ManageR

David is a born and bred New Yorker. As General Manager, he runs the show and works lighting-fast. David is our head decision-maker, advisor, organizer and gap-filler. He’s the Dalia Lama of Town, except with a Mechanical Engineering degree. 

Outside of Town, he’s kept busy by his 2 fur babies, a lab-hound-shepherd-chow mix dog (or mutt, as we like to call them) and a Bombay cat, who probably hates said dog.

David is a man of many interests. He’s very curious, and likes to explore new hobbies. He’s on a gardening kick this week, and was on a power kiting kick before that. He’s a music fan and used to go to concerts often, probably never thinking twice about a life-altering pandemic, that would kill concerts, and pretty much life as we know it. Who could have known.

Remington S. Richmond

Production Manager

Remington is the islander on our team, and he’s the only one who doesn’t work in the office with us. While he does pop in now and then to cause trouble, Remington holds the fort in the factory. He’s the production manager at Town, and makes sure every piece of equipment is expertly crafted.

Remie manages the fabrication of our equipment, and the production team. Well, he tries to manage the production team. They can be a little crazy; we’re glad he keeps them over there. When not at work, Remie can be found hanging with his family, playing with his adorable son, and playing guitar. Remie also works out quite a bit. We heard he can bench press 40 pounds now. That’s a big gain for him. He works very hard.


Marketing Manager

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Victoria Berezina

Purchasing Manager

Victoria joined the team five years ago after moving to the US.

She’s gifted in speaking several languages and has a degree in food technology. Victoria is an asset dealing with our overseas affiliates. At Town, she has a full plate being responsible for our supply chain, and is focused on obtaining new products.

Mitch Kaufman

National Sales Manager

Mitch, ever the comedian, was born and raised in the Bronx. He’s a diehard foodie, and loves cooking, especially for people with food sensitivities. He loves the creative challenges there. Mitch is the National Sales Manager at Town, and has worked here forever. We’re not sure if he just loves it here, or if no one else will take him, but he’s grown on us. Mitch handles sales within the U.S. and Canada, and exports, and is the star of our YouTube channel.

If you haven’t seen his new Smokehouse video, you haven’t truly lived. Mitch really knows his stuff, and can answer any and all of your questions. He probably knows what you need before you do, and he really tries to stay humble about it. Mitch has been happily married for over 40 years. He loves to play drums, has played professionally, and even performed comedy. Ever the sportsman, Mitch loves baseball and football, and is bougie enough to hate bad salespeople. He expects nothing but the best, and he’s great. We’re sure you’ll be delighted when you talk to him.

Randy Hirsch

Customer Service ManageR

If you’ve worked with us before, you’ve likely come to know the man, and the absolute legend, that is Randy. Randy is so on top of things. This place might fall apart without him. He’s keeps track of purchase orders, stock inventory, anything customer service-related, and probably some other stuff too. We have no idea what all he does, because it’s taken care of, and we don’t have to. We love that about Randy.

When he’s not here, and we’re stumbling around without him, he can be found in at his home in Long Island, where he keeps an amazing garden. It’s a masterpiece, and his thumbs are really green. He’s the jolly green Randy. He does everything with a smile. He and his wife have the best love story. It’s also the only love story we’ve heard here, but we think it’d probably be pretty high up there even if it wasn’t.

Ken Trosterman

Northeast Sales Manager/Manager of Tech Support

Ken is another Town lifer, and grew up in Washington Heights. He’s the Northeast Sales Manager, and knows as much, if not more, about Asian Food Service Equipment than anyone in the industry. He’s been here so long, he’s part of the décor, and the office isn’t the same when he’s out. Ken has an eye for the design of custom equipment, and loves to help create the ranges of his clients’ dreams.

His favorite hobby is horology? Umm, Ken? We definitely had to google that, and it’s a lot safer for work than we thought. Turns out, horology is about both the measurement of time, and making clocks. Nothing else. Ken is a really nice and knowledgeable guy. Ken has a big family, including his two daughters, grandchildren, and even grand chickens! His biggest pet peeve is poor customer service, so you know he’s on top of it. He’s a big asset to the team. P.S. – Ken loves Italy. A lot. Arrivederci!