55-Cup, RiceMaster Electric Rice Cooker

Simple and reliable.  Fully NSF approved.

Town Commercial Electric Rice Cookers automatically cook rice to perfection and keep it hot for up to 2 hours. Made by Town in the USA with industrial components.

RiceMaster electric rice cookers cook different kinds of rice. With practice, you will perfect the correct proportions of rice to water for your preferred type of rice. Steamed rice is only the beginning – recipes are included, in the manual, for rice pilaf, jambalaya, sweet rice and Mexican rice.

Standard Specs
Diameter 22″ (with handles)
Height 16″
Weight 36 lbs
Uncooked Capacity 55 cups*
Cooked Capacity 110 cups*
Country of Origin USA
UPC 843784000008

*Using the 6 ounce Asian cup standard

Available Models
Model Type Cook Time Voltage Amps Watts Hertz
57155 55 cup Electric Rice Cooker 46 minutes 230 15 3330 50/60


Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

55-Cup Capacity

Cook up to 55 cups (18 pounds) of uncooked rice and yield up to 110 cups (42 pounds). Measured using the 6-ounce cup Asian standard. Batches of rice cook quickly, with cook a time of 46 minutes.

Easy & Simple Operation 

Illuminated touch controls with indicator lights. American-made fully electronic and automatic controls. Simply press on and press cook to begin the cook cycle. Automatically goes to hold mode after rice is done cooking.

Heavy-Duty Pot

The removable 1/8″ thick aluminum pot cooks evenly and features convenient fill markers.

2-Hour NSF Hold

Hold cooked rice in the rice cooker for up to 2 hours.

Stainless Steel Lid

Features a durable stainless steel lid with comfortable handle.

Steaming Capabilities

Gain extra capabilities in pinch! Convert the rice cooker into a steamer by using Town’s 16″ aluminum steamer set. Requires an adapter ring.

2-Year Mail-In Warranty

Depend on Town with our industry leading 2-year limited warranty.

Heavy-Duty Construction

Durable reinforced body is highly dent-resistant and powder coated for corrosion resistance.


Capable of creating various dishes across ethnicities.

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Does this have to be under a hood?

Under most conditions, rice cookers emit class 2 vapors (steam).  Codes and regulations vary by municipality  Contact your local authorities for permissibility.

How is the electrical cord terminated?

120 volt units terminate with a NEMA 5-15 plug.  230 volt units terminate with a NEMA 6-20 plug.

What are the warranty terms?

The 2 year limited mail in warranty applies for commercial use only.  See warranty page for more details.

Are repair parts available?

Most commonly needed parts needed for repair are available, including all electronic components and pots.  See our resource center for parts lists.

How much rice does this unit cook?

The 57155 has an uncooked capacity of 55 cups (roughly 18 lbs) which yields 110 cups of cooked rice (roughly 42 lbs).  Town rice cookers use the 6 ounce Asian standard.  Ratios of water to rice will vary depending on recipes and varieties of rice.

Do I have to cook using the full stated capacity?

The full capacity does not need to be cooked at a time.  Cook times will decrease as the capacity decreases.  The minimum amount of rice will depend on recipes but can be around 15 cups of uncooked rice.

Does the 230 volt unit work with 208 or 220 volt power sources?

The units are designed and optimized for usage on 230 volt systems.  They will operate on 220 or 208 volt systems, but with decreased heater plate output, leading to slightly longer cook times.

What rice warmer should I pair with this unit?

25, 30, and 37 cup Town rice cookers pair well with our 56916 18 quart rice warmers.  50 and 55 cup Town rice cookers pair well with our 56918, 56919, or 56920 23 quart rice warmers.

What is the product warranty?

Town’s commercial electric rice cookers come with a 2 year limited mail in warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I get warranty service for a rice cooker or rice warmer?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

We have a mail in warranty for our rice cookers and rice warmers. There is no field service available and no loaner program.  The unit must be shipped prepaid back to us for repair. The original packaging must be used if available. Town is not liable for shipping damage due to insufficient packaging. We will evaluate the unit when it is received. If the malfunction is covered under warranty, it will be repaired and shipped back at no charge.

Please see our warranty page for further details.