Asian Cabinet Steamer

A simple and traditional, high-output Asian steamer cabinet, with no electrical components to fail

The Town YF-STMR is a gas-operated, two-level steamer range. It is self-contained, and requires only gas and water connections. The Asian Steamer Cabinet features “AutoFill” which will automatically maintain the proper water level in the steam tank, and ensures constant steam production. The Asian Steaming Cooker is not thermostatically controlled. The primary usage is for cooking Asian foods, such as dumplings or dim sum. It can be used to cook any food that requires high, continuous heat from steam, such as whole fish. Exterior of unit is constructed in 304 stainless steel. The steam generation tank is heavy duty stainless steel. The doors are double-wall insulated, complete with a positive latching mechanism. The interior fire chamber is insulated by 1” thick fiber ceramic material. Unit is fired by a high power 32 tip jet burner. A pilot safety gas system is provided. The unit can be customized and modified to cook a variety of products, such as dim sum or noodles. Size and shape of the unit can be customized. Custom dim sum steamer plates are available for this unit. Filtration may be needed, to be determined by dealer, installer, or end user. Water-cooled deck and autofill system requires a constant flow of water. A pressure regulator is supplied. Mounted on tubular stainless steel legs with stainless steel gussets and adjustable feet .

Standard Specs
Width 34″
Height 63″ (overall), 32″ (working)
Depth 41″
Steaming Levels 4 (2 per door)
Steaming Trays 4 (each 27″ x 20″)
Crated Weight 750 lbs


Available Models 

Model Type Gas Load
YF-STMR-SS-N Cabinet steamer, natural gas 116 MBTUH 
YF-STMR-SS-P Cabinet steamer, propane gas 103 MBTUH


Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

Steaming Workhouse

All 304 stainless steel cabinet with 4 levels complete with custom perforated steaming trays.  The interior can be modified to fit perforated hotel pans of your choice.


A fully automatic fill system ensures constant steam output.  The simple and reliable system maintains water levels within the tank without the need complicated electronics or a supply of electricity.  When cleaning, use the convenient front access dump valve to drain water from the tank.

Small Footprint, High Steaming Capacity

Features Town’s 32 tip burner with 116 MBTUH (natural gas) or 103 MBTUH (propane gas), ensuring great steam output. For maximum efficiency, the firebox is insulated with 1″ thick rigid fiber ceramic board on the sides while the bottom is shielded with a drip pan.


An all 304 stainless steel exterior and steam tanks are durable and long lasting. Top access steam generation tank with drain valve allow for easy cleaning and descaling.


A tried and true steaming and fill system designed by America’s only dedicated Asian equipment manufacturer ensures reliable and consistent operation. Two section units feature individually controlled burners with dedicated valves and pilot safety systems for overall reliability.

Long Lasting

Solid brass gas valve with precision molded cast aluminum knee operable “L” handle lasts longer than plastic and stay tight and secure after prolonged usage.

Heavy Duty Hardware

The doors are double wall, insulated, complete with heavy duty positive latching mechanisms. The doors are hinged right using NSF compliant liftoff hinges, but the hinge side can be customized per customer specifications.

Safety Pilot System 

For peace of mind, the standard safety pilot system cuts gas to the burners if the pilot burner goes out.  A hole in the front panel and firebox allows you to light the pilot from the front of the unit.

Manual Faucet

Add the convenience of a faucet by choosing the optional pedestal mounted manual faucet.

Versatility in Customization

Town’s versatile line of steamers can be customized to adapt to a variety of culinary methods and cuisines.  Custom cabinet configurations, or configurations without a steamer cabinet are available.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.


Add casters (#250510) for increased mobility. Cross bracing may be recommended. Special installation requirements for units on casters must be adhered to.

Build Your Custom Steamer Range

Walk through our customization process to learn more about what’s needed to build the best steamer for your needs. For best and detailed results, please make a selection for each step. Certain parts may only be available depending on the options chosen.

Let’s Start Building

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What can I cook in this steamer?

Town’s versatile line of steamers can be customized to adapt to a variety of culinary methods and cuisines.  Customizations can be made to fit your specific cooking vessels and containers.  The unit can be used to cook a variety of foods needing high amounts of steam.  Stainless steel and bamboo steamer baskets in various sizes are available. 

Does this unit have automatic controls?

A standard autofill system ensures optimal water levels in the steam tank.  The unit has no electrical requirements and is purely mechanical.  There is no thermostat.  

Do these units need water filtration?

This is at the discretion of dealer/installer/end user based on water conditions on site.  It is recommended in areas commonly associated with high turbidity water sources. 

Installing a filter will increase the lifespan of components and decrease maintenance requirements.

Can this unit be further customized?

Town’s versatile line of steamers can be customized to adapt to a variety of culinary methods and cuisines. Please contact us to discuss your needs. 

What is the lead time on this unit?

Lead time varies from 4-8 weeks based on shop load. Inquire with Town for a more accurate lead time.  Note that lead times will vary day to day.  Expedited options may be available. 

Is startup or demo available?

Demos for Town’s heavy equipment can be performed by a Town representative. The cost of demo is not included in the price of the equipment. Please contact us  for more information.

Startup is to be conducted by a licensed plumber familiar with the subject equipment, and not Town personnel.  Please see our resources center for startup checklists that may be used as a guide.

Is startup or demo available?

Ranges come with Town’s 1 year limited warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I schedule a service call to repair a range?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

Field warranty service is only available for heavy equipment. If the issue is warranty related, Town will need to give approval before any work is done. Invoices for unapproved work will not be honored. Service is covered during normal business hours- Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM. If it is covered under warranty and parts are needed, we will ship the part to the end user free of charge. Town must be contacted so we can initiate the service call.

In instances of claims which we do not believe are covered, the end user or dealer must call in their own service company. If the service report indicates that it is covered under warranty, it will be reimbursed at the standard labor rate. This is at Town’s sole discretion.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

Does this unit come with a gas pressure regulator?

The range is supplied with the required appliance regulator.  Depending on the gas system, a first stage regulator may be required.  This scenario likely when using high pressure natural gas or propane gas in general.  Confirm with the licensed plumber installing the unit. 

This is a high BTU range and any inline devices and piping upstream of the range must be sized appropriately.  Improper gas systems will result in poor performance.