Large Mongolian Barbecue Range

Town’s Mongolian Barbeque Ranges are the most reliable and best performing grills of their type in the industry.

Town’s Mongolian Barbecue Ranges bring high performance and reliability to the range considered to be the “Microwave of Asian Cooking.” Mongolian BBQ Ranges differ from standard grills in shape and are designed to attain a steady top temperature of 550°-650° F.  All Town Food Mongolian Barbecue Ranges have multiple burners, each operated with an individual gas valve and flame failure device. This redundant design ensures that our Mongolian Barbecue Ranges will function even if a burner fails. Our unique manifold design protects the valves and flame failure devices from overheating. A pressure regulator is supplied. Mounted on tubular stainless steel legs with adjustable feet and gussets.  

Physical details
Model Cook Top Overall Diameter Height Crated Weight
MBR-48 48″ diameter, cast iron 60″ 38″ 1400 lbs
MBR-60 60″ diameter, cast iron 72″ 38″ 2200 lbs
MBR-72 72″ diameter, cast iron 84″ 38″ 2600 lbs
MBR-84 84″ diameter, steel 96″ 38″ 3400 lbs
Available Models
Model Type Burners Gas Load
MBR-48N 48″ cook top, natural gas 6 246 MBTUH
MBR-48P 48″ cook top, propane gas 6 282 MBTUH
MBR-60N 60″ cook top, natural gas 10 410 MBTUH
MBR-60NC 60″ cook top with center hole, natural gas 10 410 MBTUH
MBR-60P 60″ cook top, propane gas 10 470 MBTUH
MBR-60PC 60″ cook top with center hole, propane gas 10 470 MBTUH
MBR-72N 72″ cook top, natural gas 12 592 MBTUH
MBR-72NC 72″ cook top with center hole, natural gas 12 592 MBTUH
MBR-72P 72″ cook top, propane gas 12 564 MBTUH
MBR-72PC 72″ cook top with center hole, propane gas 12 564 MBTUH
MBR-84NC 84″ cook top with center hole, natural gas 14 574 MBTUH
MBR-84PC 84″ cook top with center hole, propane gas 14 658 MBTUH


Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

Cast Iron

Traditional cast iron is the preferred cooking material.  Ranging in thickness from 2″ to 1″, the old school cast iron top (MBR-48, MBR-60, MBR-72) offers superior heat retention, warp resistance and enhanced durability when compared to steel tops.  MBR-84 units have steel tops with cast iron heat deflectors that soften the heat and increase warp resistance.  All Mongolian Barbecue Range tops come with an integrated drip skirt.


Individually controlled burners have dedicated valves and pilot safety systems for overall redundancy and reliability.  Solid brass gas valves with precision molded cast aluminum handles last longer than plastic and stay tight and secure after prolonged usage. 

Powerful & Adjustable

Individually controlled 2 ring burners allow for heat control and for turn down during off peak hours.  With an input of 41 MBTUH in natural gas or 47 MBTUH in propane gas per burner, Town’s Mongolian Barbecue tops are capable of reaching 550°-650° F. 

Optional Scrap Hole & Bin

Reduce time consuming scrap removal with chute models (MBR-60C, MBR-72C, MBR-84C). Dispose of scrap into a central 13″ scrap hole during service, for collection into a large capacity internal scrap bin. The bin is heavy duty and mounted on casters, accessible through latched doors on the body.

Scrap Ring

A stainless steel scrap ring surrounds the unit protecting chefs. Removable scrap cups are mounted uniformly along the circumference of the scrap ring. Intended mainly for solid scrap.


Operating as a round griddle or plancha at its core, this flat top grill is excellent for all types of cuisines- breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Insulated Double-Wall Construction

Town’s uniquely designed insulated body provides essential heat containment. The 2″ thick fiberglass insulation is sandwiched by an easy to maintain 304 stainless steel exterior and heat reflective aluminized interior.

Use the whole grill, anytime.

Gradient heat throughout the flat top allows for use of entire cooktop surface.  High input burners and large cooking surfaces lends itself to high volume service. 

Cooking Accessories

The unique shape of the MBR calls for unique cooking accessories. Specially made cooking swords, veggie sticks, squeeze bottle holsters, spatulas and grill presses are available.

Cleaning Accessories

Pumice stones are ideal for cleaning Town MBR tops.


Add the optional casters for increased mobility. Special installation requirements for units on casters must be adhered to.

Ready to purchase?

Town sells its products through its network of authorized dealers. Our products may be found online and in brick and mortar stores worldwide. For more information on where to make a purchase, please contact us.
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What do I need to know about delivery and installation?

Large Mongolian Grills have multiple high performance burners that require high gas loads.  The gas system must be able to provide enough gas to feed the range’s required volume at the required pressure. Performance will be impaired if the required gas system specs are not met.  

Ranges are shipped via common carrier, class 92.5.  All heavy equipment is shipped in a custom fully enclosed and framed wooden crate fabricated by our in house carpenter.  MBR units ship in two crates.  One contains the top and the other contains the body and accessories.  Large MBR’s will not fit on a liftgate and will need additional machinery and/or a loading dock to reach ground level.  

Ensure door and hallway clearances allow for the unit to get into the kitchen.  

Units are to be installed and connected by a licensed plumber. All units come pre-plumbed with single point connections.  An electrical or water connection is not needed.   

The supplied appliance gas pressure regulator must be mounted outside the grill tub- never under or inside.  Inlet pressure to the supplied appliance gas pressure regulator must be no greater than 15″ W.C.. We recommend all plumbing to be completed before the top is installed.

For more information, see our resource center.

Does the top spin or turn?

Tops are static on standard units.  We have produced small MBR units with a rotating top.  Inquire with Town for more information.

What temperature with the top attain? Is there a thermostat?

Maximum temperature will vary depending on site conditions, but it will range between 550° and 650° F.  There are no thermostatic or numeric temperature controls on this unit.  This is not offered as an option.  Ramp up time is approximately 1 hour.

How should I clean the top?

The top must never be cooled by artificial means!  Shocking the top by throwing water or ice on it when it is up to temperature can cause the top to crack or warp.  The top should not be cleaned until the observed temperature is 250° F or less.  See resources for a cleaning guide.


Other than stir-fry, what applications does this grill have?

At its core, the MBR is a round griddle which has many uses.  We’ve seen breakfast menus and foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, fajitas, tortillas, sausage and peppers being cooked on our grill.  You are limited only by your imagination.

What is the lead time on this unit?

Lead time varies from 4-8 weeks based on shop load. Inquire with Town for a more accurate lead time.  Note that lead times will vary day to day. Expedited options may be available.

Are there any special cooking utensils available?

Town has an assortment of specially designed tools to cook on and clean MBR units.  Recommended amounts:

Cleaning kit, replacement brick, 2 grill presses, 4 swords, 2 sticks, 2 holsters

Cleaning kit, replacement brick, 4 grill presses, 4 swords, 2 sticks, 2 holsters

Cleaning kit, replacement brick, 6 grill presses, 6 swords, 3 sticks, 3 holsters

Cleaning kit, replacement brick, 8 grill presses, 8 swords, 4 sticks, 4 holsters

Cleaning kit, replacement brick, 8 grill presses, 8 swords, 4 sticks, 4 holsters

Cleaning kit, replacement brick, 10 grill presses, 10 swords, 6 sticks, 5 holsters

Is startup or demo available?

Demos for Town’s heavy equipment can be performed by a Town representative. The cost of demo is not included in the price of the equipment. Please contact us  for more information.

Startup is to be conducted by a licensed plumber familiar with the subject equipment, and not Town personnel.  Please see our resources center for startup checklists that may be used as a guide.

What is the product warranty?

Ranges come with Town’s 1 year limited warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I schedule a service call to repair a range?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

Field warranty service is only available for heavy equipment. If the issue is warranty related, Town will need to give approval before any work is done. Invoices for unapproved work will not be honored. Service is covered during normal business hours- Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM. If it is covered under warranty and parts are needed, we will ship the part to the end user free of charge. Town must be contacted so we can initiate the service call.

In instances of claims which we do not believe are covered, the end user or dealer must call in their own service company. If the service report indicates that it is covered under warranty, it will be reimbursed at the standard labor rate. This is at Town’s sole discretion.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

Does this unit come with a gas pressure regulator?

The range is supplied with the required appliance regulator.  Depending on the gas system, a first stage regulator may be required.  This scenario likely when using high pressure natural gas or propane gas in general.  Confirm with the licensed plumber installing the unit. 

This is a high BTU range and any inline devices and piping upstream of the range must be sized appropriately.  Improper gas systems will result in poor performance.   

The supplied appliance gas pressure regulator must be mounted outside the grill tub- never under or inside.  Inlet pressure to the supplied appliance gas pressure regulator must be no greater than 15″ W.C.. We recommend all plumbing to be completed before the top is installed.