RM-50 RiceMaster Commercial Gas Rice Cooker

Easy to use.  Easy to maintain.  A high capacity workhorse appropriate for export sale.

Not a listed appliance. For a listed equivalent, see the RM-55. Extremely reliable, simple to maintain and automatic gas rice cooker. Town RiceMaster gas rice cookers can be used to cook a variety of foods. A bimetallic temperature sensor mounted in the base of the rice pot provides optimum control and temperature accuracy. The rice is kept hot after cooking via the internal pilot burner. A thick-walled, cast aluminum rice pot, with plated steel drop handles, ensures even cooking, and is extremely durable. A standard rear gas feed allows for easy connection and eliminates stress on the gas valve body. A gas pressure regulator is supplied with the unit. Includes rubber non-skid feet.

Standard Specs
Diameter 22″
Height 17″
Weight 45 lbs
Uncooked Capacity 55 cups*
Cooked Capacity 110 cups*
Country of Origin Taiwan
UPC 843784000152 (Nat), 843784000084 (LP)

*Using the 6-ounce Asian cup standard

Available Models
Model Type Gas Load Cook Time
RM-50P-R Ricemaster Commercial Gas Rice Cooker, Propane Gas 27,300 BTUH 27 minutes

Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

Easy & Simple Operation 

Time-proven push button design, with independently controlled pilot and main burners. A piezo ignitor eliminates the need for matches. The white shroud includes a front viewing window for verification of pilot light. The bimetalic sensor detects when the rice is done cooking, and automatically shuts the main burner off, leaving the pilot burner on to keep the rice warm.

Twist-Off Shroud 

The white shroud can be removed without any tools, with just a simple twist. Its durable construction allows it to be machine washable. Simply line up the keyholes and twist to lock it back into place.

Heavy-Duty Pot

The removable cast aluminum pot cooks evenly and quickly. Drop handles made of plated steel are heavy duty.

Quick Cook-Times

With cook times of 27 minutes (propane gas), quickly cook large batches of rice.

NSF Hold

The pilot burner keeps rice warm after cooking has completed, allowing for ample time for the rice to cure, and to transfer rice to a serving vessel.


Capable of creating various dishes across ethnicities.

Bimetallic Sensor

The proven bimetallic sensor is reliable and easily accessible from right underneath the pot. If it needs to be cleaned or changed, its simplicity means that it can be changed by a user in minutes with minimal tools.

Rear Connection

The rear gas inlet makes for a cleaner look. The easy access front mounted gas valve is protected from damage with the rear connection bracket.

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Can I bypass the pilot and light the main burner only?

No, the pilot button and burner (#1 button on the left) must be engaged before the main burner button (#2 on the right) is engaged. 

What is the black valve on the front for?

This is a gas valve that can be used to shut off gas to the burners.  The handle is horizontal when on and vertical when off. 

Does this have to be under a hood?

Under most conditions, gas rice cookers emit class 2 vapors (steam) and combustion byproducts.  Codes and regulations vary by municipality  Contact your local authorities for permissibility.   

Does this unit come with a regulator?

It is supplied with the required appliance regulator, shipped inside the pot.  Depending on your gas system, a first stage regulator may be required.  This scenario is more likely when using propane gas.  Confirm with the licensed plumber installing the unit. 

What are the warranty terms?

The 6 month limited mail in warranty applies for commercial use only.  See warranty page for more details. 

What are the indentations on the inside of the pot for?

The markings on the left side represent how much rice and water you have to add in.  The levels on the right side are general designations of how many people that level is capable of feeding. For example: the level marked 3 on the scale is for 30 people. 

What rice warmer should I pair with this unit?

While this unit can hold rice for short periods of time, it’s not certified by NSF for this use.  You may also want to transfer the cooked rice immediately so another batch can be cooked or to keep the rice fresher.  50 cup gas rice cookers pair well with our 56918, 56919, or 56920 23 quart rice warmers.

What is the product warranty?

Town’s commercial gas rice cookers come with a 6 month limited mail in warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I get warranty service for a rice cooker or rice warmer?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

We have a mail in warranty for our rice cookers and rice warmers. There is no field service available and no loaner program.  The unit must be shipped prepaid back to us for repair. The original packaging must be used if available. Town is not liable for shipping damage due to insufficient packaging. We will evaluate the unit when it is received. If the malfunction is covered under warranty, it will be repaired and shipped back at no charge.

Please see our warranty page for further details.