Smokehouse (SM) Wood Chip Box


Wood chip box for Town’s SM series Smokehouses.

Insert the wood chip box into the smokehouse combustion chamber when about ten minutes of cooking time remains. The chips or chunks reach smoldering temperature as the smokehouse finishes the barbecue process. When the barbecue process is complete and the chips are smoking, shut off the unit and let it smoke. Cold smoking can be achieved by turning off the heat and leaving the wood chip boxes in the unit to smoke foods such as cheese, fish and jerky.

  • The “flap” style hinges are designed for easy maneuvering. Open the flaps to use as handles when placing and removing the chip box. These chip boxes sit on the inner door frame of the smokehouse.
  • Under some conditions, the chip box may need to be lit externally.
  • For best results, a mix of solid and fine wood chips is recommended. Pellets are not recommended.

Chip Box Smoke Times

  • SM24 chip box – Approximately 30 minutes of smoke time.
  • SM30 chip box – Approximately 60 minutes of smoke time.
  • SM36 chip box – Approximately 90 minutes of smoke time.
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