How to determine the chamber size of a wok

Apr. 10th, 2023 | David Soohoo

Town wok ranges have nominal chamber sizes of 13″, 16″, 18″, 20″ and 22″.  During the lifespan of your wok range, you may need to determine the size of a specific chamber.  Knowing the size will help you source the correct repair parts, accessories, and cooking tools.  There are four ways to find out the size of your chambers.


Chamber Rings

Firstly, look no further than the wok range itself.  Town’s wok chambers feature unique cast iron chamber rings.  The heavy duty rings provide a solid cooking surface for the wok to rest on, and are easily replaceable.  Each chamber ring has three rear exhaust ports.  Embossed in each chamber ring is a six digit number, located in the middle or left exhaust port.  This is the item number for the cast iron wok ring itself, and the last two digits denotes the chamber size.


Measuring Chamber Rings

After prolonged usage, dirt and debris may make the embossing illegible.  If that’s the case, measure the innermost diameter of the chamber ring and compare it to the table below.

Chamber Size (inches) Inside Diameter (inches)
13 11
16 13
18 15
20 16.75
22 18.75



If the chamber rings are missing or severely damaged, look for written documentation.  Before Town manufactures any custom wok range, we generate a drawing based on the required specifications.  This drawing shows details such as the overall size, burners, and chamber sizes of each hole.

During the order or specification process, we provide this drawing to our contact for the order.  This can be someone directly from the restaurant, from the restaurant equipment dealership, or from the consultant specifying the range.  Before manufacturing starts, we require one of these parties to sign off on the drawing and return it to us.  This is typically done via email.  By finding the emails, you’ll be able to find the signed drawing containing the chamber sizes for each hole.


Contact us

If none of these methods work, contact us.  Provide us with your model number & serial number, and we’ll check it against our own database.


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