What’s the difference between a Cantonese and Mandarin wok range?

Jul. 7th, 2023 |

Cantonese vs Mandarin wok range


  1. Mandarin wok pans have a single stick handle and are generally 14” or 16” in diameter.
  2. Cantonese wok pans have two loop handles and can have a large range of diameters.  Town carries 12” to 30” diameter Cantonese woks.
  3. “Mandarin wok range” or “Cantonese wok range” is a bit of a misnomer since wok ranges can be made to use either type of wok.  
    1. Town calls each hole a chamber.  You may also hear them referred to as burners.
    2. Town’s single chamber wok ranges can be customized for either one.  For larger ranges with more than one chamber, they can be customized to have all Cantonese chambers, all Mandarin chambers, or a mix of both. 
  4. When a customer says “Mandarin wok range,” I take it to mean that they want a wok range with smaller 13” chambers
    1. Like shown in the left and middle chambers of the photo below, or our SR-24-M-SS (M is for Mandarin): https://townfood.com/product/stockpot-wok-range/       
    2. Mandarin wok chambers are 13” in diameter and fits 14” or 16” wok pans. 
    3. Our Mandarin chamber rings have a sloped top.  This shape is preferable when chefs rock the wok back and forth to flip food. 
  5. Conversely for “Cantonese wok range,” I take it to mean they want a larger chamber
    1. Like shown on the right most chamber in the photo below or our SR-24-C-SS
    2. On our ranges, Cantonese wok chambers can be 16”, 18”, 20”, or 22” in diameter to fit larger diameter woks. 
    3. Our Cantonese chamber rings have flat tops.