RiceMaster Rice Warmer – 18 Quart

Hold rice at an NSF-compliant, 150° F/65° C, for up to 12 hours.

Rice warmers keep rice hot for serving from a convenient location. They may be located near servers leaving the rice cooker in the kitchen to cook the next batch of rice. The stainless steel hinged cover and insulated body ensure the rice is kept fresh. Rice warmers hold cooked rice hot for up to 12 hours. The cover lid seals on to a snug fitting removable non-stick coated aluminum pot. NSF listed to hold hot, cooked rice at 150º F+. Not intended for rethermalizing cold food. Just plug it in to turn it on. The features include a pilot lamp on the latch and thermostatically controlled 100 watt elements.

Standard Specs
Diameter 21-1/2″ (with handles)
Height 12″
Weight 18 lbs
Liquid Capacity 18 quarts
Country of Origin Taiwan
UPC 843784000107 (56916S), 843784000091 (56916W)
Available Models
Model Type Voltage Amps Watts Hertz
56916S 18 Quart RiceMaster Electric Rice Warmer, Stainless Steel Finish 120, Single Phase 0.8 100 60
56916W 18 Quart RiceMaster Electric Rice Warmer, Woodgrain Finish 120, Single Phase 0.8 100 60


Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

NSF Hold

Thermostatically controlled 100 watt heating element keeps cooked rice at an NSF approved temperature for holding and serving, for up to 12 hours.

Nonstick Pot

Coated pot prevents rice from sticking, making for easy serving and cleanup.  The removable pot features sturdy riveted handles .  Non coated pots are available as replacements.

Choice of Finish

Choose between a highly polished stainless steel or woodgrain finish.

Hinged Lid with Seals

Commercial grade latch with inner seals and gaskets.  A floating inner lid helps to keep moisture in and rice fresh.


A double wall insulated body contains heat, minimizing energy usage.


The plastic spoon included with the unit will not break grains of rice as it’s being handled.

Pilot Lamp

A convenient visual indicator on the latch tells you when the unit is powered.

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How is the electrical cord terminated?

120 volt units terminate with a NEMA 5-15 plug.  230 volt units terminate with a NEMA 6-20 plug.

What are the warranty terms?

The 6 month limited mail in warranty applies for commercial use only.  See warranty page for more details.

Are repair parts available?

Most commonly needed parts needed for repair are available, including pots and latches.  See our resource center for parts lists.

How much cooked rice does this unit hold?

With a liquid capacity of 18 quarts, it can hold 72 cups of cooked rice (using the 6 ounce Asian cup standard).

Can products other than rice be kept warm?

Various grains, legumes other products may be kept warm in this unit.  Product must be cooked in another vessel before being transferred to a rice warmer.  Rethermalizing food in a rice warmer is not possible.

What rice cooker should I pair with this unit?

25, 30, and 37 cup Town rice cookers pair well with our 56916 18 quart rice warmers.  50 and 55 cup Town rice cookers pair well with our 56918, 56919, or 56920 23 quart rice warmers.

What is the product warranty?

Town’s commercial electric rice warmers come with a 6 month limited mail in warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I get warranty service for a rice cooker or rice warmer?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

We have a mail in warranty for our rice cookers and rice warmers. There is no field service available and no loaner program.  The unit must be shipped prepaid back to us for repair. The original packaging must be used if available. Town is not liable for shipping damage due to insufficient packaging. We will evaluate the unit when it is received. If the malfunction is covered under warranty, it will be repaired and shipped back at no charge.

Please see our warranty page for further details.