Commercial Pig & Duck Roaster

Our commercial pig roaster showcases the time-honored tradition of delicious, and succulent, roasted pig and duck.

The Town Food Pig Roaster is built in the Chinese style. Our pig and duck roaster utilizes two rows of high-powered tube burners that wrap around the sides. On the back of the aluminized steel interior, its unique cooking method imparts a direct and searing heat, that crisps the skin of pig and duck. Each row of burners is equipped with it’s own independent pilot safety system. Smoke is generated by fat dripping onto the aluminized drip shields, which also protect the burners. The Asian Pig and Duck Roaster is available in natural gas only. A pressure regulator and two stainless steel drip pans are supplied. Mounted on tubular stainless steel legs with adjustable feet and gussets.  

Standard Specs
Height 78″ cabinet, 82″ with flue
Width 36″ cabinet, 52″ with side control panels
Depth 37″
Crated Weight 750 lbs.
Flue 6″ diameter x 4″ tall


Available Models
Model Type Nat. Gas Load 
PR-36-L-SS-N Left-hinged Pig Roaster, natural gas 225 MBTUH
PR-36-R-SS-N Right-hinged Pig Roaster, natural gas 225 MBTUH


Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

Deeply-Seared, Crispy Skin 

Two levels of perimeter burners generate dry, intense and direct heat, creating much sought-after prized and crispy skin. Perfect for Peking duck, roasted pig or pernil.  

Grease Capture System

Rendered fat drippings are directed and contained in two all stainless steel drip pans at the base of the unit.  Some fat drippings land on drip shields around the burners creating a natural smoky flavor while simultaneously protecting the burners from clogging.

Heavy-Duty Body

1″ thick insulation is sandwiched by an all stainless exterior and aluminized steel interior. The 304 stainless steel exterior is heavy duty and easy to clean. The long lasting aluminized interior is designed to reflect heat instead of absorb it. 

Dual Roasting Levels

The two included roasting bars may be placed on either of two roasting levels, allowing for the versatile positioning of product, with an array of hanging accessories. Individual roasting bars can be mounted on one of 2 vertical levels, and in one of 19 depth positions.

Heavy-Duty Door

Mounted on NSF-compliant lift off hinges, the insulated, rigidized, and fiberglass gasketed door is securely closed by two all metal latches. 

Door Configurations

An available dutch door option allows users to view and move product during the cooking process, while minimizing heat loss. 

Customize It

Rail System

An optional top mounted sliding rail for ease of loading and unloading is available.

Custom Hinge-Side

Choice of right (PR-36-R-SS-N) or left-hinged (PR-36-L-SS-N) doors. using NSF-compliant liftoff hinges.

Narrower Footprint

Free up valuable hood space by choosing to relocate gas control panels to underneath the drip pans.

Ready to purchase?

Town sells its products through its network of authorized dealers. Our products may be found online and in brick and mortar stores worldwide. For more information on where to make a purchase, please contact us.
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How many pigs or ducks fit will fit? What are the internal dimensions?

This will depend on the size of the product.  The interior dimensions are approximately 34″ wide x 34″ deep x 55.5″ high and product can be hung from roasting bars at the top or middle of the cabinet. 

The inside cabinet measures 34″ wide x 24″ deep x 69″ high.
The door opening measures 31.5″ wide x 55.5″ high.

Are casters available?

We do not recommend using casters with this unit.   

Does this have to go under a hood?

Yes, this unit must go under a hood. 

Is this unit thermostatically controlled?

There is no thermostat on the unit.  The pig roaster’s dual level burners have minimal control but is all that’s necessary to roast pigs and ducks with crispy skin.   

Can this unit be used outdoors?

This unit is rated, listed and tested for static indoor use only.   Town’s 1 year limited warranty is void if used in any other manner. 

Can racks be used with this unit?

No, we do not have a rack system available.   Please see our SM series smokehouses for cabinet ovens that have an accessory rack system.

Can I use a chip box for wood smoking?

Our pig roaster is not designed for this usage.  See our SM series smokehouses for an appliance with wood smoking capabilities. 

What is the lead time on this unit?

Lead time varies from 4-8 weeks based on shop load. Inquire with Town for a more accurate lead time.  Note that lead times will vary day to day. Expedited options may be available. 

Is startup or demo available?

Demos for Town’s heavy equipment can be performed by a Town representative. The cost of demo is not included in the price of the equipment. Please contact us  for more information.

Startup is to be conducted by a licensed plumber familiar with the subject equipment, and not Town personnel.  Please see our resources center for startup checklists that may be used as a guide.

What is the product warranty?

Ranges come with Town’s 1 year limited warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I schedule a service call to repair a range?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

Field warranty service is only available for heavy equipment. If the issue is warranty related, Town will need to give approval before any work is done. Invoices for unapproved work will not be honored. Service is covered during normal business hours- Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM. If it is covered under warranty and parts are needed, we will ship the part to the end user free of charge. Town must be contacted so we can initiate the service call.

In instances of claims which we do not believe are covered, the end user or dealer must call in their own service company. If the service report indicates that it is covered under warranty, it will be reimbursed at the standard labor rate. This is at Town’s sole discretion.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

Does this unit come with a gas pressure regulator?

The range is supplied with the required appliance regulator.  Depending on the gas system, a first stage regulator may be required.  This scenario likely when using high pressure natural gas or propane gas in general.  Confirm with the licensed plumber installing the unit. 

This is a high BTU range and any inline devices and piping upstream of the range must be sized appropriately.  Improper gas systems will result in poor performance.