Steamer Customizations

Town steamers can be customized in a variety of ways.

  • Multiple accessory tops/addons can be purchased to make your single tank steamer multifunctional.
  • Custom sizes and shapes.  Single or multiple tanks.
  • Free standing or drop in.  Kitchen line or island.
  • Wok ranges can be also be accessorized for steaming, blanching or boiling purposes.

Cabinet Steamer

  • Can hold standard hotel pans or custom sized perforated trays.
  • Side swinging doors (left or right hinge).
  • Drop down doors (bottom hinge).
  • 1, 2 or 3 separate doors.
  • Custom cabinet sizes, including height to adapt for your required shelf clearances.

Dim Sum Steamer

  • The ideal configuration for cooking with dim sum steamers.
  • Custom top plate can be manufactured with locator holes to help position steamer baskets, or flat to allow chefs to slide stacks of baskets into position.
  • Top plate can be customized to fit any steamer basket.  Mix different sizes or bamboo/stainless steel as needed.
  • Rear flue (front and side access only) or center flue (all around “island” access).
  • Custom sizes and shapes available

Pasta/Ramen/Noodle Cooker

  • A deeper tank allows you to submerge pasta & blanching baskets.
  • Easily position baskets using a custom top plate with holes made to fit your intended baskets.
  • Place baskets on an optional stand above the tank to drain excess water.

Cheung Fun Steamer

  • Perforated pan and cover makes our CF series the ideal units to create cheung fun rice noodles or Vietnamese bánh cuốn.
  • A cabinet with multiple levels of perforated trays allows for maximum production capacity.
  • Taller cover also allows you to place plates or steamer baskets on top of the perforated platform.  Shorter and lighter covers are available.

Steaming & Noodle Cooking on a Wok Range