Can I put on wok range on a food truck?

Apr. 25th, 2023 | David Soohoo

With the rise of food trucks and trailers, we get many inquiries on the mobile usage of wok ranges.  Unsurprising since they are unique appliances which can impart flavors that are difficult to impossible to achieve on other pieces of equipment.  Wok ranges can be used in mobile applications such as food trucks and food trailers, but there are many things to consider when choosing a wok range for such usage.


When cooking with a wok, burners can make a big difference in the process and results.  Flame patterns can be tall or short, or wide or focused.  Different burners have varying maintenance and BTU requirements.

You’ll most likely be using propane gas as the fuel of choice in your mobile application.  When compared with natural gas burners of the same type, propane gas burners will have similar flame patterns and maintenance needs.  However, they will have different BTU ratings.  This can have a noticeable effect on cooking times and product results, so it’s important to see our burners page to review our selection of wok burners, their usages, and rated BTU inputs.

Propane gas systems must capable of flowing the rated BTU at an operational pressure of 10″ WC (water column).  Inability to maintain this pressure will result in performance issues.  When ranges are directly connected to a propane tank, a first stage line regulator is necessary.  It’s crucial to consult with the qualified individual responsible for designing the gas system to specify the appropriate regulator.  Neglecting to do so can cause damage to internal components and result in operational problems.  Damage caused by over pressurization is not covered under warranty.

Water & drain

Water is a limited resource in mobile applications and must be rationed.  York and Masterrange wok ranges require constant water cooling, so are not ideal for mobile applications.  Town’s patented Ecodeck wok ranges feature a unique design that eliminates the need for constant water cooling.  Ecodeck ranges will save on water usage, but since they retain the convenience of the water wash bar, faucets, and front access scrap drawer, they still require a water and drain connection. 

When water or drain hookups are not feasible, look towards our specialty wok ranges that do not require any water or drain connections at all.  Options include our mobile wok cart, and our SR series stockpot wok ranges which are offered with Mandarin rings and Cantonese ringsThese ranges do not have faucets and do not require water cooling.  They don’t have a water or drain connection and only need gas to operate. While this addresses the issue of utility hookups, it’s important to note that you’ll still require a separate faucet and sink nearby for cooking and cleaning purposes. 


Kitchen space is a valuable resource, and even more so when working in a truck or trailer.  A couple inches can make a world of difference in efficiency, comfort and ultimate fitment.  York, Masterrange, and Ecodeck series wok ranges are all made to order.  They can be customized to meet your space requirements, as long as they also fit our design parameters.  Depending on what features are needed or can be omitted, we can go down to a length of 28″ and a depth of 33″.   Masterrange Junior ranges are even shallower at 30″ wide x 26″ deep.

For even tighter requirements, turn to our specialty wok ranges.  The mobile wok cart has a small footprint of 36″ wide x 24″ deep, while the SR-24-C-SS and SR-24-M-SS both come in at an even smaller size of 18″ wide x 23″ deep.  


Wok ranges are required to be installed underneath type 1 hoods which are designed to capture smoke and grease laden vapors.  Type 2 hoods which are only designed to capture steam and condensation, are not adequate.

Listing, certification, and code

York, Masterrange, Ecodeck, Masterrange Junior, and SR-24 series wok ranges are all listed to the sanitation standard NSF/4 and gas appliance standard ANSI Z83.11.  The mobile wok cart is not a listed product. 

Every municipality is different and local codes may require different listings, so it’s important to consult with the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) before purchasing equipment.  Local codes may also have specific requirements beyond these internationally recognized certifications.  One common requirement is that appliances with open flames (such as wok ranges) can’t be installed next to a fryer unless metal baffles are installed in between.  Check with the AHJ to learn more about local codes and regulations.

Maintenance and warranty

The aforementioned Town ranges are rated, listed, and designed for static indoor usage under a hood.  They have not been designed or tested to withstand the vibrations and conditions that it’ll be subjected to during mobile usage.  It can be done with success but daily inspection & maintenance is needed.  Modifications may also be necessary.  A limited warranty applies when equipment is used in mobile applications.  Warranty claims shall be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


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