Custom York Commercial Wok Range

Featuring fiber ceramic insulation, York is Town’s most popular wok range series.

Town has been refining the art of wok cooking since 1929.

Working closely with our customers, Town commercial wok ranges are intelligently designed and made to fit the ever changing needs of the industry.

YORK is available from one chamber to six chambers, fiber ceramic insulation. The ability to fully customize our commercial wok ranges is what makes Town wok ranges unique. With a vast array of made to order options and standard convenience features available, Town Chinese wok ranges are perfect for any cuisine involving wok cooking. All Town wok stoves are built to order. Customers can choose from a wide array of sizes, wok burners, faucets, finishes and configurations to produce commercial kitchen equipment that precisely fits their needs.

All gas wok range models feature cast iron wok rings – slanted 13” Mandarin, and 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” Cantonese. Available with or without flue risers. Rear gutters are standard. One burner units can have stainless steel perforated strainer in gutter. Front access 5″ sink is standard. A water cooling line is standard. A gas pressure regulator, water pressure regulator and galvanized drip pans are supplied. Mounted on tubular stainless steel legs with adjustable feet and gussets. All units are pre-plumbed to single point water, drain, and gas connections.

Standard Specs
Height 56.5″ (without flue), 62″ (with flue)
Depth 41″ (without flue),  47″ (with flue)
Gas Load Varies
Chamber Insulation Rigid Fiber Ceramic

Available Models
Model Type Length Crated Weight
Y-1-^-* 1 chamber York 36″ 450 lbs
YF-1-^-* 1 chamber York with flue 36″ 500 lbs
Y-2-^-* 2 chamber York 60″ 800 lbs
YF-2-^-* 2 chamber York with flue 60″ 900 lbs
Y-3-^-* 3 chamber York 86″ 1000 lbs
YF-3-^-* 3 chamber York with flue 86″ 1150 lbs
Y-4-^-* 4 chamber York 112″ 1200 lbs
YF-4-^-* 4 chamber York with flue 112″ 1500 lbs
Y-5-^-* 5 chamber York 137″ 1650 lbs
YF-5-^-* 5 chamber York with flue 137″ 1850 lbs
Y-6-^-* 6 chamber York 137″ 1900 lbs
YF-6-^-* 6 chamber York with flue 137″ 2100 lbs

* Replace with “N” for natural gas or “P” for propane gas
^ Replace with “SS” for stainless steel finish or “STD” for standard finish


Visit our Resource Center for spec sheets, parts lists and more.

Build Your Custom Wok Range

Walk through our customization process to learn more about what’s needed to build the best wok for your needs. For best and detailed results, please make a selection for each step. Certain parts may only be available depending on the options chosen.

Let’s Start Building

York Insulation 

1″ thick fiber ceramic insulation sleeves provide excellent insulation, containing intense burner heat and focusing it to the wok.  The round sleeves are easily replaceable without the need for tools.

Chamber Rings

Town’s cast iron chamber rings are great for both Cantonese and Mandarin woks and are superior to welded steel rings.  Chamber rings can be removed when required without tools.  13″ Mandarin chamber rings have a sloped top that enables the chef to easily flip and toss food within the pan.  


Modern and clean design with minimally exposed piping. Chrome faucets and stainless steel panels complete the look.


The use of 304 stainless steel in the range ensures longevity and ease of maintenance. Standard stainless steel parts include side and back splashes, gutters, front panels, sink and strainers, firepots, legs, and more.


Solid brass gas valves, with precision-molded cast aluminum knee operable “L” handles, last longer than plastic and stay tight and secure, even after prolonged usage.

Scrap Drawer 

A front access, pull-out stainless steel mesh strainer collects debris, captured in the water wash flow, for easy removal.  A 5″ wide strainer is standard, with a larger 10″ wide version available as an option.

Integrated Water Cooling and Plate Shelf 

All stainless steel spray bar, mounted underneath an 8″ plate shelf, keeps the unit cool and keeps the top deck clean of debris.

Three Pipe Wok Rack

A convenient rack located above the faucets provides an area to strain foods, or store cooking tools.

Choice of pre-plumbed faucets

A convenient Chinese swing faucet mounted on the backsplash, that allows for cleanup between batches of food, comes standard over each wok chamber. Or replace with one of our various faucet options, depending on your needs.

Choice of high power burners

Choose from Town’s proprietary and proven, high-performance wok burners. Chefs can enjoy a massive amount of heat from our flow tested and nationally certified burners.

Choice of chamber sizes

Ranges can be built with any combination of hole sizes, subject to space and design constraints. Design your range for batch cooking, à la carte cooking, or both.

Top Deck Options 

Choose from SS (stainless steel) or STD (standard) models.  SS models include 304 stainless steel chassis sides and 12 GA 304 stainless steel top decks. York stainless steel decks are laminated, with a hot rolled steel plate, to prevent warping, and improve the life of the range. A 400 series stainless steel subdeck is available as an option. The use of stainless steel decks is recommended whenever possible. STD models include 3/16″ thick steel top decks and steel chassis sides, both painted black.  Standard finish is best-suited for use in prep areas, and where cost is a factor. 

Gutter Options 

Rear gutters are standard, and suffice for 90% of all design configurations. A front gutter option is available, and is especially useful in display type ranges.

Waterfall Backsplash 

In the optional waterfall backsplash, a spray bar on top of the backsplash, cascades multiple streams water down the backsplash, to keep it clean and cool.  This attractive and functional display feature is ideal for ranges exposed to customers.

Warming chambers

Small, non-insulated chambers for soup, stock or oil are available, as an option. Available with or without burners.


Direct hot flue gasses up rust-resistant flue risers, and out through stainless steel flue caps in flue models. Allows the range to run cooler for greater chef comfort at the expense of a larger footprint.

Strainer holders

Suspend strainers from the backsplash with an optional strainer holder. Strategically placed holders allow for oil or stock to drip back into insets.

Custom dimensions

Smaller footprints to accommodate limited hood space are possible. Enlarged footprints allow for the placement of a vast array of add-ons, cooking tools, and accessories. Low height backsplashes are available for display cooking.

Pilot safety system

This option turns off gas to pilot light and burner, if pilot light goes out. Required by some municipalities.

Battery options

Combine multiple ranges in the field into a continuous battery. Splice fit units combine two or more ranges to form a continuous deck. A cap seals standing seams on butt fit batteries.

Chamber reducers

Accessorize a unit with large chambers with chamber reducers for ultimate flexibility.

Soup Pots and Cooking Tools

Town’s unique “T” shaped accessory soup pots are designed specifically for Town ranges and allow for blanching, steaming or boiling. Browse our vast array of ladles, shovels, woks, and strainers.


Add the optional casters for increased mobility. Cross bracing may be recommended. Special installation requirements for units on casters must be adhered to.

Need additional help on building your wok range?

Contact us directly and we’ll walk through each step with you. Keep this page open so that you can follow along.

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What's some important terminology to know when dealing with wok ranges?

Town refers to each hole in the top deck as a chamber.  Each wok chamber includes its own gas valve, recessed burner, insulation, and chamber ring.  They can also be referred to as holes, burners, wells or stations.  Ranges can be built with any combination of hole sizes subject to space and design constraints.

Chamber ring
Also known as a wok ring, this is the round cast iron ring that sits on top of the deck that the cooking wok sits on.  A wok ring uses a wok pan that is 2” to 4” larger in diameter than the wok hole size.  The exception is for 13” chambers, which usually use a 14” or 16” Mandarin (single stick handle) wok.  Larger sizes use Cantonese (two loop handle) woks.  Mandarin chamber rings have a sloped top that enables the chef to easily flip and toss food within the pan.  Town uses easily replaceable cast iron wok rings instead of welded steel rims or prongs that do not stand up to massive heat over time, and require welding to repair.

Optional flue risers are located in the rear of the unit that direct excess heat from the chamber up galvanized flue risers and through stainless steel flue caps on top of the backsplash.  Also known as chimneys or exhaust vents, they allow for greater chef comfort.  Town wok ranges have a flue for each chamber, allowing for the most direct and efficient flow of exhaust gases.

A recessed channel in the deck that collects cooling water and debris from the deck into our internal sink and strainer system.  Also known as a trough.  Rear gutter is standard and is most common.  Front gutter is available as an option.

An internal front access drawer that water and debris from the deck and gutter flows to.  It holds a stainless steel mesh strainer that catches debris before going into the drain.  When full, the mesh strainer can be easily removed from the front.  A 5″ wide version is standard, with a 10″ version available as an option.

An attractive and functional display feature in which a spray bar mounted on top of the backsplash cascades multiple streams of water down the length of the backsplash.  A unique look that’s ideal for display ranges and keeps the backsplash clean and cool.

Chinese swing faucet
A type of faucet that turns on automatically by moving its spout over the wok.  Swing the spout to the left or right to turn it off.

Knee valve
Town wok ranges are provided with “L” shaped gas valve handles for each burner.  They allow chefs to adjust the flame with their knee, even while both hands are already being used.

Volcano and jet burner
A jet burner is a type of burner that has round brass tips.  The brass jet tips are oriented in different directions and the orientations will affect the flame characteristics.  A volcano burner has all jet tips pointed up and inwards, leading to a tall focused flame.  Jet burners have a minimal control range but have high flame heights.

Shield or duck bill burner
Refers to a type of burner with brass jets that looks like a duck bill, as opposed to a round shaped tip.  The duck bill shape is more clog resistant when compared to round jet tips. Jet burners have a minimal control range but have high flame heights.

Ring burner
Refers to a type of cast iron burner with many small flame ports.  An air mixer in between the burner and gas valve controls the air/fuel ratio.  Ring burners have lower flame heights but have a flexible control range.  They are thus known as saute-to-simmer burners.  Town offers a 2 ring burner (consisting of 2 concentric rings) and 3 ring burner (3 concentric rings).

Pilot safety system
A flame failure device that turns off gas to the pilot light and burner if pilot light goes out.  This is a code requirement is some locations.  Contact your local authorities for more details.  If the range is interlocked to a hood, pilot safety systems are not needed.

Warming chamber
A small non insulated hole that accepts insets or bain maries for blanching, boiling or holding oils and stock.  Can be burner heated, flue heated, or unheated.  Also known as boiling pots, oil holes, or recessed holes.

Wok rack
A rack consisting of 3 tubular bars located above the faucets and running the full length of the range.  It provides an area to strain foods, or store cooking tools.

What do I need to know about delivery and installation?

Wok ranges have high performance burners that require high gas loads.  The gas system must be able to provide enough gas to feed the range’s required volume at the required pressure.  The gas load will depend on the burners specified.  Performance will be impaired if the required gas system specs are not met.

Ranges are shipped via common carrier, class 92.5.  All heavy equipment is shipped in a custom fully enclosed and framed wooden crate fabricated by our in house carpenter.  Wok ranges are shipped with legs, drip pans, gas pressure regulators, and other accessories detached and packed in boxes on top of the range deck.  Large wok ranges will not fit on a liftgate and will need additional machinery or a loading dock to reach ground level.

Ensure door and hallway clearances allow for the unit to get into the kitchen.  The unit ships with the backsplash and side splashes assembled.  The backsplash and side splashes on non-flue and non-waterfall units can be removed with the loosening of two screws and a union.  Flue and waterfall units will need additional work.  More details can be found in the owner’s manual.  Seams need to be resealed with silicone after splash removal.  

Whether or not the unit requires filtered water is at the discretion of dealer/installer/end user based on water conditions on site.  It is highly recommended in areas commonly associated with high turbidity water sources.

Units are to be installed and connected by a licensed plumber. All units come pre-plumbed with single point connections.  An electrical connection is not needed. Inlet pressure to the supplied appliance gas pressure regulator must be no greater than 15″ W.C..

    1. 2″ NPT drain connection (copper piping recommended)
    2. 1-1/4″ NPT gas connection (pressure regulator included but not pre-installed)
    3. 1/2″ NPT water connection (pre-plumbed pressure regulator included) Cold or tempered water only

For more details, see the wok quick start guide in our resource center.

Does this have to go under a hood?

Wok ranges are high BTU appliances that typically emit grease laden vapors.  They are required to go under a hood. 

What is the lead time on this unit?

Lead time typically varies from 4-8 weeks based on shop load. Inquire with Town for a more accurate lead time.  Note that lead times will vary day to day.  Expedited options may be available. 

Can I use a stock pot on the wok range?

Town wok ranges with chambers 16″ and larger accept our “T” shape soup pots.  They can be ordered in several variations depending on usage.  Soup pots (SP) have plain rolled edges.  Blanching pots (B) have an overflow spout that allows the pot to drain excess water.  Steaming pots (STM) have an overflow spout and a fill spout to add and/or cycle water in the pot even when covered with steamers.

Round bottom stock pots are also available.

What's the difference between the SS model and STD model?

SS models come with a 304 stainless steel top deck and stainless steel body sides, amounting for a near complete stainless steel exterior.  Food grade 304 stainless steel is easy to clean and maintain.   The 12 GA stainless steel top deck is laminated to a 12 GA steel sub deck for increased rigidity.  For additional corrosion resistance, an optional 400 series stainless steel sub deck is available.

STD models come with a 3/16″ steel top deck and steel body sides.  Steel surfaces are painted black for increased longevity.

Is startup or demo available?

Demos for Town’s heavy equipment can be performed by a Town representative. The cost of demo is not included in the price of the equipment. Please contact us  for more information.

Startup is to be conducted by a licensed plumber familiar with the subject equipment, and not Town personnel.  Please see our resources center for startup checklists that may be used as a guide.

What is the product warranty?

Ranges come with Town’s 1 year limited warranty.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

How do I schedule a service call to repair a range?

Initiate equipment repair requests by filling out our repair request form.

Field warranty service is only available for heavy equipment. If the issue is warranty related, Town will need to give approval before any work is done. Invoices for unapproved work will not be honored. Service is covered during normal business hours- Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM. If it is covered under warranty and parts are needed, we will ship the part to the end user free of charge. Town must be contacted so we can initiate the service call.

In instances of claims which we do not believe are covered, the end user or dealer must call in their own service company. If the service report indicates that it is covered under warranty, it will be reimbursed at the standard labor rate. This is at Town’s sole discretion.

Please see our warranty page for further details.

Does this unit come with a gas pressure regulator?

The range is supplied with the required appliance regulator.  Depending on the gas system, a first stage regulator may be required.  This scenario likely when using high pressure natural gas or propane gas in general.  Confirm with the licensed plumber installing the unit. 

This is a high BTU range and any inline devices and piping upstream of the range must be sized appropriately.  Improper gas systems will result in poor performance.